Here’s to the Explorers.

The fence-jumpers, the barefoot wanderers, the sun chasers and rain dancers. The go-getters, the optimists, the individuals, the free spirits. The creative souls, the rule-breakers, the weirdos and the brave. The passionate dreamers and the do-what-we-like-ers.

Here’s to the ones getting married their own way.

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Holly & Chris

"Carly was an absolute dream to have shoot our wedding! Looking back, Chris and I both hold the time we spent during our photographs as some of our favourite moments from the entire day. Carly's photography style meant we were able to spend time with one another and soak up all that newly-wed goodness as if it was just us two in the room. We couldn't be more pleased with the end result as well, our photographs are everything and more than we had hoped for."