High Five!

This is the bit where I get to tell you who I am and why I’m head-over-heels in love with weddings!

So….. I’m a real fan of the unconventional. I like old things, weird things, creepy things. I travel a lot, cook a lot, don’t read as much as I’d like, and when the mood strikes I can get a bit arty-farty. ‘The Husb’ and resident fur-babies make my house a home, so when I’m not needed anywhere else you can find me there with a glass of red in hand and a kitty (or two) on my lap.

Why Weddings?

I started out in this little business quite a while ago, photographing a multitude of different things until I stumbled on the process of two people joining their lives together and having kick-ass parties.
My sudden fascination with other peoples celebrations came as a bit of a shock, never having been the party-ing type.  I soon realised this was the absolute best way to embrace who you are as a couple, and tie it all together into one epic event.

Make it your Best Day Ever.

And why not? Getting married is awesome, your relationship is awesome and your family…. well…. they are awesome most of the time. I want to capture your day the way you want to remember it. The in-between moments, the tears, the spontaneous laughter, the interpretive dance, right down to the tiny decorations that you paid way too much money for.

I’m based in Perth WA, but willing to travel. If you think I could be a good match for your Best Day Ever lets meet up and have a chat. You get free coffee, I snag a friend. We both win!

CJ x