So..... I'm a real fan of the unconventional, drawn to old things, weird things and creepy things. I love to travel and I feel like it has shaped not only who I am as a person, but also as a photographer.

That being said though, my favourite place to be is home. When I'm not needed anywhere else you can find me there, being a total introvert, listening to old records with a glass of red in hand and a kitty (or two) on my lap.

Things that light my fire.

Live music. the colour green. brown chooks. my nan's soup. 80's glam rock. Animals with squish faces. Moss. Hot coffee. Burnt toast. crime documentaries. wooly cardigans. dogs at cafes. Old band t-shirts. vinyl crackle. red wine. elderly folk holding hands. large trees. lowbrow art. overgrown rose gardens. cooking shows. black nails. birds. doc martens. second-hand furniture. british comedy. gin with cucumber. My toddler eating her sandwich. taxidermy. books about plants. brown pigs. interpretive dance. tattoos. the smell of paper. op shops. thick socks. smoked butter. partly-cloudy days. sincere words. warm hugs.

Why Weddings?

I leapt headfirst into my wedding business in 2009 and have been hooked ever since. The sense of pride I get from capturing such an important and sentimental day is addictive. People are so peculiar, and I find them all so bloody amazing. I want you to look at your photos in years to come and remember what it was like to be there, feeling all the feels. That’s what it’s about for me.

Plus, they are a blast! You get to do all the stuff you like best, I get to hang out with awesome folk and be super creative at the same time. That, my friends, is a winning combination in my book.

Make it your Best Day Ever!

Finding your own special person is such a great thing and it is worth celebrating. Love is strange and life is beautiful, so do your own thing and get married any darn way you please.

I want to capture your day the way you want to remember it. The in-between moments, the happy tears, the spontaneous laughter, the interpretive dance, that weird thing your cousin did with the whisky glass and the blowtorch…. all the good stuff.

Carly x